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Week 3

Mar 12 - Mar 18 Lots of great crockpot recipes this week! Crockpot season is almost over 😟

Week 3

SUNDAY Beef Roast, Taters & Carrots

MONDAY Crockpot: Broccolii Cheddar Soup

Trying this recipe this week. Find it on Eating on a Dime

(w/homemade bread bowls)

TUESDAY Pork Chop Casserole 

Trying this recipe this week. Find it on 'I'm Hungry For That. 

(w/sweat potato & Green Beans)

WEDNESDAY Spagetti Pie 

This is a family favorite. I found a recipe very similar to what we do! Find it on Tastes Better from Scratch

THURSDAY Left Overs or Ham Steak & Eggs Sheet Taters

FRIDAY Steak & Cheese Subs (w/ French Fries)

SATURDAY Creamy Crockpot Chicken

This easy recipe will knock your socks right off! It's creamy and delicious I've put the ingredients and instructions on the blog, but it doesn't have an image. Click Here For Recipe

Which meal did you enjoy this week?


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