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Spring Fever Nails: Green Design Using Gel & Dip Systems

Hey Friend!

Are you ready for spring nails? As the warmer weather approaches, why not add a splash of green to your fingertips using gel and dip systems TOGETHER!

🤯 I know, I know. Most of you are thinking... WHAT THE HECK is she thinking cross-contaminating these systems...

Well, to be honest, it's actually one of my favorite ways to do my nails, and in fact, I believe it gives you stronger, longer-lasting nails. Especially if you're like me and have always had a hard time growing out your nails. I feel like my nails get to a certain point and boom, they break... I know I can't be alone in this!

This post is kicking off our spring nail designs for the season. I found this design inspiration on Pinterest on The KA Edit Pin. I can't wait to share with you how easy it is to recreate this look. Let's transform your nails for spring and let me know in the comments if this tutorial was helpful for you!

Let's Get Started!

Supples You'll Need:

  • Gel Base & Top Coat

  • Green Dip Color

  • Light Pink Dip Color

  • Small Tip Brush / Artist Brush

  • File / E-file (optional)

  • Nail Buffer

  • Nail Clipper (if using fake nails or tips)

  • Nail Brush or tooth brush

If you don't already have a favorite nail brand, I recommend checking out Whipico. The gel polish system is HEMA Free, and the dip powders are a multi-purpose jar and can be used for both dip and acrylic! So if you're like me and want to save some money, I have a bestie code for $10 off your first order! Click Here To Save (this link is not commissionable, just earns Whipi-Rewards)

The other brand I use as well is Modelones. (this link is not commissionable)

I've used a few different systems from them from Polygel, dip & gel.

All other supplies listed above are from Amazon.

Alright, now that we got that out of the way and you've got all the supplies you need, let's get into the nitty-gritty details!



Step One: Measure & glue on your fake nails or tips. In this video, you'll see that I used fake nails that are pre-etched so you don't need to file your natural nails.

Step Two: Clip Nails to the desired length

Step Three: File nails to the desired shape - I file mine a little more than desired because when you're adding dip powder it adds bulk to your nail.

Step Four: File down the lip of the nail extension to get a smooth transition from your natural nail to the fake nail. I use an e-file for this, but you can also use a regular file. This is total preference. When filing, please be careful not to over-file your natural nails.

Step Five: Remove the shine from the fake nail - I use the sanding band for this with my e-file. You can also use a regular file or buffer block. Then remove excess dust with a brush.

Phew, You did it!! Now that your nails are prepped, let's get into the fun part, the colors and design!

Watching the video below will better help you understand the steps below.

Step Six: Apply a thin layer of gel base coat to your nail beds, then dip into the color. You can work one finger at a time if you would like. Note: if your base coat layers are too thick it will wrinkle your dip powder.

  • Apply the green dip color to the thumb and pinky

  • Apply the pink dip to the first, middle, and ring finger.


Repeat step six 2-3 times or until you've reached your desired thickness of your nail.


Remember you will be filing and buffing at the end, I recommend doing at least 3 thin layers of colors.

If you're new to dip powder or gel systems and need more of an in-depth tutorial, check out these blog posts. Gel Polish & Dip Powder.

Step Eight: Buff, smooth out nails. Reshape if needed.

Step Nine: Take a small artist brush, draw a squiggle down the nail on the first and ring finger with the base coat - See Video. Then paint a THIN layer of base coat on the middle and dip the tip only. You may need to dip the tip twice. Cure under light

Step Ten: Buff the design ever so lightly just to smooth out the roughness of the dip powder.

Step Eleven: Add a shimmer squiggle (gold or silver) next to the green squiggle. I used regular nail polish for this, but if you can use gel or dip. Just follow the steps for the system that you decide to use.

Step Twelve: Top your gorgeous nails with Top Coat & Cure for 60 seconds.

If you need more help doing your nails at home, feel free to contact me by email, facebook or instagram.

In Closing

Congratulations you have finished your Spring Fever: Green Nails using Dip and Gel Systems! I am so happy for you!! I hope you enjoyed creating this nail look as much as I enjoyed creating this tutorial for you!

I am committed to providing quality tutorials to help you use at home systems and products. Feel free to share this post if you found value or know someone who could use this.

Additionally, if you have suggestions for future content, I would love to hear them! 🧏🏻‍♀️

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